Is Men’s Ministry Important?


Older Men – 9.30.20

Older Men I think it is safe to say that men in their mid 70’s are ‘older men’. What should our expectation be for ‘older men’? […]

Launching Arrows

Dads and Psalm 127 Verse 3: Solomon is the author of this psalm and in verses 1 and 2 he writes that ‘the Lord builds the […]

Awaken the Sleeping giant

*Christian men like the idea of being ‘men of integrity’. It isn’t overly religious and it represents a character trait of which they can visibly serve as an ambassador.

Engaging Men with God’s Word

Red Sox DVD is Fantastic Outreach Tool! Request a copy of the 22 min.

From Spectators to Leaders

Many local churches have released men to live as spectators. I do not believe that the local church has given up on men.

Men Need Models – Especially in Fathering

What is a primary reason that don’t men succeed? They don’t have models that work! If I wanted to excel at hitting a baseball, then I would carefully model the form and style...

Numbers Count!

Numbers Count! Work hard to get a critical mass of men to your event. You have probably heard the comment, “Even if only one man comes – it will be worth it.

Theology of Men’s Ministry

Theology of Men’s Ministry - Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women We all know that men and women are different.

Why Focus on Ministry to Men?

Please click here to partner financially with us: Donate to ISI Why Focus on Ministry to Men? Take a Look at ‘Men’s Ministry by the Numbers’! It is the start of...